Time-Lapse Video Shows Baby Growing Up

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Keep Moving Forward
Oh, the crazy things I do for a medal and a t-shirt... This past weekend I ran my third half marathon. My running partner and I were aware something might go wrong when a day or two before the race, the region had a stormy forecast. The wee hours of that fateful Sunday morning were okay on the dr

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Focus on the Beauty: The No Make-Up Challenge
I'm continuing with the Inspiration Report's People Who Do Good. Last month, I featured the lovely Shari Grimes and the great work being done at the Hope House in Norfolk, VA. For April, we're going out West to Colorado where a group of girls are standing up for natural beauty. Enjoy! The cosmeti

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An Elderly Nursing Home Man Responds to Music
Another editor sent this to me and it touched my heart. Music has a way of reaching every soul. See how this man's eyes dance at the sounds of his younger days. No matter where I end up later in life, I hope someone plays me music.

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How to Get Inspired Anytime, Anywhere
Today's guest blogger is mother, writer and filmmaker Kristen Wolf. Her latest book is called The Way, an O Magazine fall reading list pick (yep, that's Oprah). Enjoy! If you asked ten people how they connect with their spirit, you would get ten different answers. Some attend yoga class, meditate

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Your Past Is Not Your Future
My faith in the future is mostly based on what I've seen happen in the past. When I make plans about this year and next, my memories have a lot to contribute to the conversation. I'm sure you're the same. We all base our beliefs and what we know without question on our experiences. I've even heard v

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