Child Bullied To Death – Tips For Parents How To Stop Bullying And Help The Bullied

Child bullied to death! Enough is enough. The end to bullying all comes down to parenting! School programs are not enough! I have spoken on FOX News Channel, talk shows (e.g., The Steve Harvey Show), and blogged about bullying – each time another child is victimized! Parents- enough is enough – we must  STOP THE MADNESS. In today’s blog I am responding to bullying with 4 basic talking points included below. In addition, included below are links to 2 articles I have written which address the 5 types of bullying, and provides tips for parents and kids.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist with a practice based in Massachusetts, of the varied topics addressed in counseling, bullying is included. Children are not alone, adults are bullied and bullies too. This is a serious topic that affects the lives of so many. To read about the latest painful account of bullying, check out FOX News report child bullied to death.

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