Does Likeability Trump Economy In Presidential Election? Cavuto With Dr. Ruskin

by Dr. Karen Ruskin on August 24, 2012


Obama is likeable to the public according to ongoing commentary on the news and a recent poll. It is often stated that Romney in contrast is not. Does likeability trump economy in this presidential election? Are economic circumstances being overshadowed by likeability? It is this very topic that FOX News Channel’s FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto interviewed this psychotherapist to discuss on this evening’s 8 PM news Friday August 24th 2012. What is it psychologically about likeability that connects with people more than their economic circumstances? It is this question I addressed on air. Don’t miss Cavuto’s statement to me about my psychoanalysis, he said; “I didn’t understand a word you just said, but you said it so brilliantly”. Ha, ha, of course he then said he was “just kidding”, ha ha, as we shared a laugh. Gotta love a sense of humor during a serious topic! For on demand viewing to hear my talking points where I address my concern about the mental health and wellness of America – watch now: Does likeability trump economy in this presidential election?

Always an honor to have had the opportunity to share my insights on FOX News Channel’s FOX Business Network with Neil Cavuto.

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