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In a world where we are plugged in 24/7; from Facebook to Twitter to texting to emails… paying attention to your spouse, to your mate, any relationship you are in – deserves and requires your attention if it is to grow. As a Marriage Therapist and Relationship Counselor I provide relationship tips to help couples stay connected and re-connect. Deseret News National Edition called upon my expertise in an article entitled: Randi Zuckerberg former Facebook executive encourages us to unplug where I offer practical tips for couples in a world where we are plugged in. In addition, in a separate document I shared 4 tips to pay attention to one’s mate that offers relationship connection. My advice was published in an article in Deseret News National Edition entitled: 4 ways you can pay more attention to your spouse.

If you are in need of tips to connect with your mate, I hope you find each of my interviews listed above helpful. If you desire more relationship tips, whether you are in a committed relationship, newlyweds, or married for 30+ years, I invite you to take a sneak peek into my cutting edge book ‘Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual’ – available to order your autographed copy today.

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