Pre-Marriage Tips And Advice

by Dr. Karen Ruskin on November 5, 2012


During my LIVE interview on FOX News Boston, this relationship expert shared practical pre-marriage tips and advice. Check out this fun segment with ‘Wedding To Remember’ couple Mac Luciani and Karyn Sampson during an interview with Anchor Sorboni Banerjee.

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Talking Points:

  • Even couples who are in love and care about one another deeply who are in a healthy committed relationship, it is important to have clear communication of expectations early on to decrease relationship disharmony and feelings of resentment which can chip away at a marriage over time. It is those clear communications regarding expectations that prevents marital disharmony that can be stopped in its tracks before it even starts.
  • Marriage is a business partnership. As such, communicating expectations of self and one another even with what seems like silly and simple things (e.g., who is going to do the cooking, laundry, take out the garbage) is important. It provides for clarity which contributes to the overall mental wellness of a couple.
  • Role clarity is important in a marriage, pre-marriage early on. Certainly over time some roles and “job descriptions” that were communicated about and thus agreed upon expectations may change as things change (e.g, work outside of the home, children), the key is to discuss with one another expectations and intentions as things change.
  • Communicate with your spouse not at your spouse.

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