Raising Respectful Kids – Parenting Expert On Ivanhoe Broadcast News Smart Woman Series

by Dr. Karen Ruskin on April 3, 2013


Many parents report the struggle to raise respectful kids these days. Ivanhoe Broadcast News – Smart Woman series called upon this parenting expert and family therapist; Dr. Karen Ruskin, to share my tips and insights. Check out the documented interview posted on the Ivanhoe Newswire entitled: Raising Respectful Kids.

Check back – the television interview where I share on air practical tips for Ivanhoe’s parenting channel – viewing on demand will be available to the public soon.

If you want more information on raising respectful children, I invite you to order your copy of my parenting guide book today entitled: 9 Key Techniques For Raising Respectful Children Who Make Responsible Choices. My book is based upon years of working with families and children, in response to my proven techniques I have educated clients on in the office as well as based upon the parenting education workshop I developed.

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