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What a privilege to have had the opportunity to share my parenting expertise, insights, and practical tips to help parents connect with their daughters on NBC TV The Steve Harvey Show. The over-sexualization of young girls of today is a topic we often here about in various forms of media, as it is an important topic. Young girls who dress too sexy too soon send a message to others that when asked about the message, they are typically not intending to send what is being received. The end result far too often is that they do not feel good about themselves.

Valuing Who One Is

When young girls present as overly sexual not spending their time and effort to develop the wonderful range of opportunity they have for self growth; negative affects occur. Rather than valuing who they are as a whole being: mind, intellect, relationships, interest development, emotional growth and mental wellness, they do not ‘find’ themselves, their whole self. It is the journey that girls go through of finding who they are which is important/imperative for the development of self value in the now and the future. Displaying one’s self at a young age as a sex symbol far too often leads to having a low sense of self worth/image.

The way in which a young girl dresses impacts what others think of her as one’s outside image affects how others view you. In essence, if this is how you appear to value yourself (sexually) then that is the value others will place on you. This in turn leads the young girl not feeling valued and rather; cheap, used, and dirty. The young girl ends up not feeling sexy, pretty, happy, nor smart in the long run and not too short run.

Entertainment Art

Katy Perry and the Lady Gaga’s of this world are portraying an image- they are part of a tribe, the tribe is entertainment art. They make money displaying themselves the way in which they do for the art of the performance. Entertainment art (e.g., music videos, TV show characters, magazines) plays a role in affecting the confusion that young girls and parents experience about the reality of what is healthy, normal, and appropriate clothing wear. Remember girls, YOU are reality. Entertainment art is not reality of the everyday. What image do you wish to portray? Who are you? Allow yourself the gift and the luxury of exploring and discovering the answer.


Remember; parenting matters. Daughters who have a healthy connection with their parents which includes communication as well as spending quality time together, girls who are enrolled in activities that they find interesting and stimulating, and have a healthy social network are less likely to dress too sexy too soon and grow up too fast. Check out this link to The Steve Harvey Show to read Dr. Karen Ruskin’s advice where she provides tips to help daughters from growing up too fast, and to learn more about The Steve Harvey Show. This segment aired on November 7th 2012.

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