Trump For President? Love Vs. Hate Of Donald Psychoanalysis

Love Or Hate Donald Trump?

Whether you love or hate Donald Trump, whether you think he would or would not make for a good president, allow me to share with you what this blog will and will not address. Each person deserves the right to have their own opinion, and I am not placing judgement in that regard. This is not a political article. As a Psychotherapist, as a specialist in human behavior and understanding the human mind with an expertise in relationship issues (that includes the relationship dynamic between a presidential candidate and voters), I am providing the curious with my psychotherapeutic insight into why there are those who love Trump, and perhaps why they think he would make for a good president. I am not suggesting an opinion one way or another. Rather I am weighing in on why there are those who are Pro-Trump, when there are others who strongly dislike him and find him rude, crude, arrogant, nasty, lacking in professionalism and void of appropriate communication style in his interactions with others.

In my analysis, at this point in my observation, his what some deem as an unacceptable style of communicating and in essence dislike about him, that others love about him. It appears that his gloves on attitude is driving his fan base and for some within that fan base it’s less about the actual debate “issues” on the table for the presidential race that have drawn people to the-like-of-Trump. Though quickly over time, and has already started, Trump is and will need to continue to expand upon the “issues” to keep and expand his fan base. To date, the-like-of-Trump, in my opinion, is more about his communication style (several very distinct qualities he presents, and is who he has presented over the years of being in the public eye) along with his overall message, his mantra: ‘Make America Great Again’, then it is about each specific issue. Again, at this point in the process.

As the process continues, the trifecta for a presidential candidate is the combination platter of: 1) communication style, 2) overall message, and 3) specific issues.

What’s Trump’s Like-ability?

Is like-ability important in a presidential election? Answer: oh yes. What is the #1 piece of the puzzle, that creates like-ability in an election process? Answer: communication style. What type of communication style creates like-ability? Answer: That depends on the particular election, and as such what the people of America yearn for in a president. Depending on what is thematically going on in the country plays a significant role in answering this question. It appears that the American people are trying to figure out what communication style they need and the country as a whole needs. Are the American people yearning for trust in a candidate? Do we want someone who will tell-it-like-it-is? Is being outspoken a quality that we the people desire and thus is like-able for us? Is it a communication style that is one of being calm, mild mannered and well spoken? Is someone who presents as an intellectual what some are yearning for? Are some yearning for a communication style that is one of a fighter? Is it important to us to have a person who communicates with passion? Etc. What do you think? What is the communication style that you are yearning for, your family, your friends, your colleagues? (Note: Of course for many it is about the issues, even at the present time, certainly. Though if you think about it, how a person presents AKA the style of one’s communication, significantly affects how a voter receives the words the candidate is saying. Like in any relationship, the way in which words are presented are very important).

What is Trump’s communication style that are the qualities he possesses that attract people to him I am referring to, and what can be learned from those qualities? THAT is what you shall find interwoven in this blog. This blog attends to 8 topics:

  1. War on women? Or rather is Trump an equal opportunity fighter?
  2. Trump’s body language and interactive style – Like-able?
  3. Don’t filter your speech vs. Political correctness
  4. Trump’s message: Make America Great Again – Will he fight for me?
  5. Trump- Successful in business and making money
  6. Qualities you want in yourself/in a friend that’ll have your back
  7. Trump’s qualities – Marriage tips
  8. Analysis of the presidential process

War On Women

It has been reported that there are those who get upset with Trump, feeling his interactions with women are as such that they label him as part of the ‘war on woman’ tribe. Others feel he is a racist and thus reference him in the category of ‘war on race’.  In my observation of Trump through a psychoanalytical lens, it is my opinion that Trump is an equal opportunity fighter. If you come at him he hits you right back no matter who you are, no matter who is watching, with his usual brand of intensity and passion. Is his style of fight ugly? Is it below the belt? That’s for you to judge. The point is, Trump appears to treat women and men, race and religion equally, for he is a man decidedly who lacks a filter towards all. For some this presents as too “streety” in a political environment where those “on stage” are expected to fight less “streety”. Some feel the lack of a filter is not presidential nor professional and truly hate the man and question if that personality is advisable to have as a president. Others like this no-hold-back no matter who he is interacting with style viewing it as courageous, strong and thus like-able as a quality. There are those of who find Trump’s fight for what he believes in, with his style of passionate intensity, along with his confidence in what he believes, as exciting and as such: like-able.

Trump’s Body Language And Interactive Style – Like-able?

Let’s take a look at Trump’s physical presentation, AKA body language/interactive style. Some find Trump’s focused I-mean-business facial expression, shoulders back and upright standing posture, body language in the usage of his hands and fingers that consistently align with his tone inflections and words that present as a confident and strong belief in what he is saying – as a fight that is intoxicating. This is indeed like-able for some.

Trump’s presentation and interactive style physically in his body language along with tone and words is one in which he articulates what he believes whenever he wants to, is a like-able and thus desired trait for some.

Trump presents that no one is pulling his puppet strings (for he presents that he is not a puppet for any person, any group, any party). This is a desired and like-able trait for some.

Trump’s not holding back style is like-able for some.

Why are these points desirable and as such like-able for some? Why? Answer: because that is what some feel they are missing in their life, and America is missing as a whole.

It appears as such that for Trump, regardless of who a person is that he is interacting with, in a world where many believe we have become over-filtered, he is not filtered and as such some do feel THAT is just what America needs.

In a time where so many people experience a lack of loyalty at work and at home where the family relationship whole has declined, and in a country where our strength has declined, many yearn for someone who will fight for them with passion and stand up for them. Thus, when a man like Trump comes along with his strength, power, high energy and passion displaying that he is ready for a fight with his fiery style, some experience this like-of-Trump notion I was referencing earlier.

Don’t Filter Your Speech vs. Political Correctness

From a psychotherapeutic lens, I do believe in filtering, to some degree, as there are therapeutic benefits of that. Although this may seem contradictory, I also believe that we as a people in a wide variety of contexts have gone too far with what is deemed as not okay to say and we have indeed become over-filtered. In my style as a Psychotherapist, I am known for my direct approach where I tell-it-like-it is. When I share my perspective with my clients in the office, or as a speaker, or in the media via TV, radio or in print, my style is that I do share my perspective, even if all do not agree with my assertions. I believe it is important to share one’s perspective and knowledge as a professional if there’s something I know, rather than biting my tongue out of concern that there will be those who disagree with the psychotherapeutic lens upon which I view a particular topic. Though . . .  I do still hold a filter to some degree, as I feel it is appropriate and professional to do so. There is still a line of what is acceptable to cross over vs. not, and each person’s line is different.

It is my analysis of Trump that he says what he says because it is how he feels and the lack of filter is more extreme then anyone who is in the political arena. His opinion that being “politically correct” has gone to far, is how some do feel as well.  Which is another quality that contributes to the-like-of-Trump, for some.

Although both realities co-exist to where I believe as a people we have gone too far with filtering our thoughts and thus over-board with what we believe as being politically correct. And, I also believe that filtering and being politically correct has it’s value, relevance and importance. With that said, I had written a blog focusing on the benefits of political correctness, if you find this topic of interest, I invite you to check it out.

Trump: “Make America Great Again”

Will Trump Fight For Me?

Trump presents as loving what America stands for, and/or some might say what America has stood for but has slowly been shifting away from in it’s erosion. The consistency of communication on this very point is clear for all the viewers to see, whether you like Trump’s style or do not. What people are seeing in Trump is that he fights for himself, he defends himself, he protects himself with passion and assertiveness. His words and body language match to a ‘T’, (each move and word) with strength and conviction. Many Americans want to be protected, want to be fought for. Thus just as he has passion for self defense and fights as such, many want that for themselves and hope just as he fights for himself, he will fight for them, whether it is below the belt, in the middle of the belt or above the belt, he is fighting and many yearn for the protection.

Trump’s overall message that it’s his desire, his motto, his creed, his philosophy, his passion, his interest, why he wants to be president is: to “make America great again” is in it’s very concept and symbolic for people and their lives. People want their lives within their country, and their country as a whole to be great again.

Trump presents to some as a combination of street fighter and intellect in how he communicates and presents. A man who projects in his communication style and the overall message of what he is standing up for is that he will fight for what he believes in; gloves on or off no matter who you are. Some may feel; if he fights for America and therefore fights for me with even 1/4 of the energy and passion of which he fights in defense of his own self when someone comes at him, well, heck, I’d like someone to fight for me, my family, and our country like that.

Qualities You Want For Yourself/In A friend?

Trump’s Qualities

Empowered, confident, high self esteem, stands up for himself and what he believes, passionate, a fighter, has the ability to speak with intelligence and knowledge and can also get down and dirty, wealthy, healthy, family, successful, powerful, strong – these are just but a few of the qualities that many see Trump presents as possessing.

Whether you hate or love Trump, these are qualities displayed by Trump that many want for themselves, if not all of these qualities, at least some of them. These are qualities some want in a friend to have your back.

Trump – Successful

In a country where many are struggling, in a country where many business owners have been negatively affected by the new age of America – those very people are seeing Trump’s expansion in business and his financial status and feel if they can be touched by his philosophy that they too can move forward and succeed. Trump’s success is a success many only dream of. Some may feel if a person can be so successful in business, in running businesses, in making things happen, in achieving, in making money – then perhaps that’s exactly what our country needs. If he can do this in business, perhaps he can do this in the business of America’s business, and thus in my life, in my family – it is this line of thinking, that plays a significant part in the-like-of -Trump.

Trump’s Qualities – Marriage tips

On page 124 of my book: Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual (published in 2011), I addressed that there are 5 qualities Trump displays each time he speaks. As a Marriage Therapist since 1993, I shared with my readers that if those 5 qualities are implemented in one’s marriage, one’s marriage will be successful. The 5 qualities are: 1) focus, 2) passion, 3) attention, 4) interest, 5) investment. If you communicate with the ‘Trumper 5′ (yes, that’s the term I used in my book), your spouse will feel loved and valued, a very important part of having a successful marriage.

I know, it may seem quite odd to compare Trump’s theme in his communication style to marriage. Those who read the book reported to me they did get a good laugh out of that one. Though, it is not odd for me, I make a variety of comparisons for I see qualities in one aspect of one’s life that a person can be quite successful though they may not necessarily implement it in another aspect of their life. I see the gift that some have and when using comparisons it often helps put in perspective thoughts and notions. Heck, in my book I also talked about ‘The Kind of All Media’ Howard Stern. I am an equal opportunity comparison type of gal, lol… I take examples where I see them, not with commentary about the person, rather as a usage to make a point.

As a Psychotherapist who specializes specifically in the relationship dynamics between people, it is clear to me how we communicate in fact either draws people in or pushes them away. Though of course, if Trump speaks with all 5 of his qualities but is making a point that a person disagrees with, there is no wonder why that not only turns people away, it can lead to those who truly despise the man. For a passionate communicator about a point a person agrees with vs. disagrees with leads to two very different outcomes.

Analysis Of The Presidential Process

Love or hate Trump, think he’d make for a good President or not – taking a moment to analyze what the qualities are about him that leads some to like him is interesting. Certainly on the flip side one could write a blog on why some hate Trump as well. Though today’s blog had a particular analytical focus.

Throughout the course of the presidential process, from time to time I will provide analysis through my psychotherapeutic lens on various aspects of the candidates involved, and of the matters that arise. I will continue to speak through a psychotherapeutic lens, not through a political lens. Yet, unfortunately some may view it politically, which is why I made a point in this article to clarify as such so that the full reading experience can be had.

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