Does Motherhood Have You Stressed Out?

On this past Thursday, Fox aired The Women Lost In Motherhood segment on The Ricki Lake show  of which I was the mom expert assigned to help a mom(TV Replay with highlights of her story here) feeling overwhelmed with everything.   After the segment aired the mom I helped story hit a nerve among moms around the country and mothers flooded social media that they too felt the same way.

I honor any mother that has the courage and honesty to admit that she is tired and feeling burnout.  The fact is that it happens to so many mothers and some of us mask our resentment and stress so we never get both the solutions and help that we need.  In my work as a mom strategist, I love helping moms identify solutions and to build strategies to get to the core of what has to change.  Sometimes what has to change is the number of commitments and responsibilities that we take on, other times it is that we fail to have any boundaries set for both ourselves as well as for those we love and other times it is that we have created the wrong way to handle a situation and have continued with that pattern throughout motherhood without understanding that it doesn’t work.

Yes, motherhood has it’s good day but it also has it’s tough days and being able to be honest about what isn’t working is the best way to get the help that you need.  As soon as a mom complains about what isn’t working we want to label her situation in some extreme way.  While there are cases that are extreme we all have difficult periods in motherhood that overwhelm us an, that is real.  Admitting that you are overwhelmed doesn’t have to mean that you aren’t well, it could possible mean that you need to restructure, redesign and renew many areas of your parenting process.  My clients come to me with an array of concerns ranging from the feeling that the have loss their sense of self to wanting to help to dream for themselves again and when we do the important self work we learn that all of these things are attainable.

If you are overwhelmed, I recommend that you schedule some time with a mom strategist to learn about strategies to not only cope in motherhood but techniques on how to build life systems that will make the journey more enjoyable.  The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone and that motherhood has both peaks and valleys for everyone.  I would love for you to work with me and explore some strategies this year.


Live fully,


Mia Redrick

The Mom Strategist

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