Does your life need a makeover?

Moms are always trying to do it all and too often find themselves burned out, stressed out and overwhelmed.  Each week, I listen to my clients tell me how they are forever challenged with disorganization, too many family activities and commitments, the responsibility to consistently provide meals with no end in sight and the burden of trying to figure out how to do anything for themselves without feeling guilty.  In addition, most mothers have not figured out what type of support they need to make their load lighter.  Most often, we surround ourselves with people that take the best from us and feel justified to do so because we have not set boundaries for ourselves.

Over time, we become resentful of others, though mostly at ourselves for not treasuring and valuing our time and talent.  I learned a while ago that if I did not understand my worth then I could not expect anyone else to understand it.  So the key to having it all is to first begin by answering “What all Is for You?”  Answering this  question will allow you to probe your heart and mind and dig deep to further explore the question: “What do you want for yourself?

I have created a 90 day program to help anyone focus in on a goal, problem or a situation that you know you MUST change in your life.  Instead of doing it all, we should rather zone in on the single-most important opportunity, challenge and situation at hand, fully engaged, to reach the desired objective.

Most of us go through the motions of change but we seldom tackle the core issue necessary to see that change manifested in our lives.  In addition, most of the time we are surrounded by an inner-circle that isn’t capable of meeting our needs.  We have friends, family and groups that we associate and spend our most precious time with and these mechanism of support still do not meet our needs.  Why you ask?  Well, I have found that often creating a deliberate support system that matches your value system to be the only way to get your needs met.  I can name countless of groups I participate in and at the end of the day my primary needs go unmet because the team, circle, family member or group has separate goals for me.  Imagine being a part of a group that agrees, in advance, to support you in a way that will enhance your life without you having to consistently explain: ” What great support for you looks like for you?”  First, it is discouraging and secondly it is a waste of your most precious resource: TIME.

The Do Less Well program begins in a few weeks and we are half-full.  This inner circle of mothers are women that each have a specific goal that they MUST accomplish over 90 days and they have agree to be supported by this unique process that combines coaching, masterminding and focusing to achieve results FAST.  I have personally interviewed every applicant to create a Team like no other.   It’s a team of supportive women to encourage, uplift, hold accountable, and to love both others and themselves through this process.  If you are interested in seeing if this process is right for you, send me an email at  Space is limited.

By now, most of you know me as The Mom Strategist.  I have helped thousands of mothers redirect and focus their own lives understanding that it makes them a better mother.  I encourage you to “Google me” and learn how I am changing the nation by empowering mothers to practice better self-care.

Remember that the choice is yours to live the life of your dreams.

Live fully,


The Mom Strategist

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