Even if it scares you, you’ve got to do it

After hosting Time for Mom-Me cruise retreats for the last three years, I made a decision to host a land event for mothers at The Hyatt Regency at The Inner Harbor in November this year. It has always been a dream of mine to Inspire mothers to design huge blueprints for their lives because when you see what is possible for yourself you can achieve all types of things that seemed unimaginable.  I’ve seen this happen for so many of my mom coaching clients, many who have created businesses from scratch and grown them into profitable entities, some who have never considered doing any type of extreme physical activity completed a triathlon.  Others who have refocused their energies to get their purpose, passion and plan to live a more joyous life.   I know that when a mom is fulfilled she is a better mom, wife, friend and person.


When I started my company eight years ago, it was a big dream and no one could see it but me. I wanted to create spaces for mothers to personally grow in their lives that provide camaraderie, support without judgment.    Equally, I wanted to show mothers how they could specifically reach for their greatest dreams if they were in community with other women that valued abundance and not lack.  I wanted moms to understand that although life is crazy busy, with powerful life and business systems you can Rock your life.


Over the years, I learned how to build solid support for myself as a mother and later as a business owner.  I learned the most effective ways to manage stress and how doing so improves my clarity and creativity.  I learned that it is okay to make mistakes, fail and to grow from those lessons without judgment and this was my formula for success.  I learned that building community with women that did not feel a need to criticize, compete and determine for me what “success” looked like for me inspired me to do more in and with my life.


Today, most of what I desired eight years ago has happened (minus meeting Lionel Richie- LOL).  I’ve hosted over 283 Time for Mom-Me groups around the country and many of them with national brand support. I created national partnerships with huge brands over and over again.   I’ve grown a small business to a mid-size business while learning every day.   I’ve successfully branded my company and have become a national expert with columns featured on Dr. Oz’s Sharecare, Huffington Post, Yahoo Shine etc…  My work as a coach has been seen on The Ricki Lake show and most recently hired as a national mom expert for a syndicated tv show.  I share this not to brag but to inspire you because just 8 years ago when I made the decision to “mom coach” so many told me that this was a poor choice for me.  Friends you have to know who to and not to listen to as you build a new vision for yourself.  I’m so glad that I didn’t listen to people who just didn’t understand my vision and that I had the wisdom to learn from some powerful teachers, coaches and mentors who had accomplished already what I wanted to do.  Your education is your association.


I don’t know what dreams are inside of you but I can tell you that I know they can happen and I want to show you how during the retreat weekend.  I am going to share every strategy that I’ve learned over the years to Live Fully.    If you are ready for the BIG in your life you have got to come.  If you feel a pull while reading this letter then take an action by registering today at www.TimeforMom-MeRetreat.com.



Only 65 days until the Time For Mom-Me Experience & Retreat Weekend.   See you there.


Live Fully,


The Mom Strategist

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