I’m An Iron Girl again….

On Sunday, August 18th I completed the Iron Girl sprint triathlon.  The race required me to swim .62 miles , bike 16 miles and run 3.4 miles to get to the finish line.  I enjoyed the day and had the opportunity to participate in the race with many women on The Iron Moms team who also crossed the finish line that day.

I love these race because they challenge you in so many different ways.  My legs began to cramp on the bike course from the beginning and so at that moment I was faced with the choice to stop or to continue.  I kept going not at my normal speed but enough to get the job done.  I’ve learned many things from the sport of Tri’s.  The greatest personal takeaway is that I am stronger than I think I am in every moment.

We all have moments that make us want to stop and reconsider our choices.  Remember in those moments that you are stronger than you think.


Live fully,


The Mom Strategis


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