Join my Private Moms Accountability Mastermind

Beginning June 1st, I will be offering an opportunity to join a Private Moms Accountability Mastermind.  The purpose of the mastermind is to help You achieve results.  Each day, I receive emails or questions from moms that want to know how to really make their life happen.  They want to know the most efficient and best strategies for running both their businesses and their lives. I’ve thought about what I could offer that would provide high value and tremendous results and yet still be affordable.

I thought, what if I could tell you how to write or market your book, or to explain how to build a team to help you grow your business, or how to create a pitch for a sponsor, how to position yourself as an expert in your field, how to save thousands on building your website and other business expenses  or get you to lose that 50lbs, or to identify how to transition to work doing what you love?

Here is what I’ve come up with:

1:  Daily Private Messages for the Accountability Members in a closed convenient group.  That’s right, you will receive access to to a private group for members only.

2.  One Monthly Accountability Call.  You get one 60 minute call each month to listen to a relevant topic or to share your progress.

3.  Complimentary MP3 of the monthly live call.  You will receive the audio of the call to review each month.

4.  You get to post your questions and I will answer them as they come within 24- 48 hours.

About me:

I am a full-time business owner.  I run a commercial laundry business as well as a coaching/training business for mothers.   I am the author of several paperback books including the Amazon bestseller, Time for mom-Me:5 Essential Strategies for A Mother’s Self-care.  I have been a stay-at-home , work-from-home mom and corporate trainer.  Over the last few years, I have negotiated several six-figure contracts for my business, negotiated joint ventures with national corporations,  created a national self-care training program for mothers which is used in over 12 states by over 75 groups, am consistently featured as a parenting expert, have trained for a triathlon and loved my family.

I share this information with you, not to brag but to let you know that Work/Life/Balance is my playground.

Who will this program work for:



*Working Moms outside of the home

*Business Owners

*Moms in transition

*Moms looking for a life change of any sort

*Corporate Moms

My goal is to help transform your life from the inside out with the power of accountability.  I could charge you a lot for all that this program will provide you but I won’t, because I really want everyone that is serious about up-leveling their life to take an action.  You pay only $25.97 per month.  That’s it!  Only $25.97 per month.  The commitment is for one year.

Space is limited.  Join today.

Click here to reserve your space.

I will close the membership.  Take action now and reserve your space.  After, June 1st the price will go up to $39.97.



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