Please join me on the Moms Accountability Mastermind Call Tomorrow Night!

On Tuesday, October 20th, join us for a complimentary call for our Moms Accountability Mastermind Program with Jacquie Ross of Cast Away the Clutter! Our topic is “Take Control of Your Clutter Before It Takes Control of You! You must confirm your seat for this call.

Jacquie founded CastAway the Clutter! to help people castaway their clutter and reveal a new way to live that will empower them instead of overwhelm them! She is also a busy mother of two children and can appreciate how challenging it can be to stay organized in today’s busy world.

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The Moms Accountability Mastermind is uniquely dedicated to encourage mothers to create goals, learn strategies to live empowered throughout motherhood, make friends with accountability partners, and learn from the experts the information that you want to know.

You’ll harness the power of structured masterminding with other moms, be challenged to put yourself on your life list, make time consistently for you, and set goals and accomplish them. You will have ongoing access to Mia’s coaching and support as well as regular motivation and inspiration from mom experts that will offer you insights about health, wealth, self, spirituality, mental health, goal setting and more–all from the comfort of your home.

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