The power of community

Mia'sphotocropped2010 is right around the corner.  Most of us are making resolutions and setting goals to make the most of the year to come.  This year, I want to challenge you to resolve to improve your circle of support.  In my work as a coach, one of the most common themes among my clients is the lack of physical, emotional, social and community support in their lives.

For example, one of my clients mentioned that her husband travels frequently, leaving her alone often with the children.  Another client shared how alone she feels in her life after moving twice and not creating any deep connections with new neighbors, parents or friends.  And one of my clients struggles to find women that want to simply talk about something other than their children.

I created this online network to help you create the support that you need.  If you are interested in meeting moms of multiples and want to discuss how to transition back to work after multiples, I encourage you to start a group about it and lead the discussion.  If you are interested in meeting other mothers in your state, then search the profiles by location and instantly you will be connected to your own community. My goal is to help moms engage in the power of community.

Share your result with us.

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