What Happened When I Met Arianna Huffington

I just got off the phone with client who wanted to know my secret/ connection to start writing a column for The Huffington Post because she is interested in writing for larger platforms to spread her message. I told her that the truth is that there are no secrets or magical connections that occurred, all I did was show-up. I attended an event where Arianna Huffington was speaking and I simply introduced myself, shared how much her message resonated with me and she gave me her contact information to connect. I followed up with her and shared what I loved about her story and why I connected so deeply personally to her story. She then asked me to write for Huff Post. The story doesn’t sound real but this is what happened.

I wanted to share this story with you today because so often we think that everyone else has the “secret sauce” or some special sequence in order to experience “success” and that isn’t true. However, the one thing that I did do that many of us struggle to do is to invest in myself and attend an event where she was speaking. The result of this great choice allowed me to spend time with a new circle of influence. The only reason that I had the opportunity to write for The Huffington Post is because I invested in myself and I went to an event where I had the opportunity to meet her. I never thought when I was asked to attend that it would result in writing a column for them. It is a habit for me to spend time with people that elevate my thinking and who broaden my connections. What about you?

It is important to connect with people who are looking to improve their lives and who can elevate your journey, that is why it I created the Time for Mom-Me Retreat & Experience Weekend (www.timeformom-meretreat.com). I’ve got tons of amazing stories just like these that have created results in both my business and in my life. I can’t wait to share them with you. In the meantime, connect.


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