What I Learned About Self-care From Deborah Phelps

I don’t know why we expect others to put important things on our calendar (i.e. going back to school, losing weight or simply “me time”) when we refuse to put ourselves on  the calendar. You can probably look at your calendar right now and see a host of  activities for your children and spouse, but how many of your activities do you see you  on the calendar? What I know is true is that making yourself a priority is a state of mind. Somehow we  feel that we can’t justify our own personal growth however, we invest in personal  growth everyday with our children. As a mom,  I’ve always felt that one of the best  gifts I could give my children is a mom who is fulfilled, and not one who needs to fill her life only with her children’s highlights in order to mask the lack of light in my own. One of my greatest wishes is to provide opportunities for my children to truly know  me because I knew me first.

At the end of the day we teach our children all about self-care. We form their blueprints  about whether or not it is okay to be tired and to rest, to reduce their load when it is  too much, or to set boundaries in order to say yes to other things.I recently met Deborah Phelps( mother of three) and  the mom of Michael Phelps (the most decorated Olympian of all time) at the Enterprising Women’s Breakfast in Maryland.    Deborah said, “I didn’t give up on my own dreams while I helped each of my children create their own dreams.”   Isn’t that powerful?  What about you?

I’ve invited you to join me November 1st- 3rd at the Time for Mom-Me Retreat where we will define and design your dreams, plans and goals.  Take action and get your tickets.  Where will you be one year from today?
Live fully,

Mia Redrick
The Mom Strategist™


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