What is holding you back from taking care of you?

I want to take the opportunity to talk about the obstacles that sometimes get in the way and prevent moms from self-accomplishing for themselves. Whenever I speak with moms, I am always interested in how moms talk about why they are unable to complete many of their own personal tasks for themselves. Most moms will easily tell you about what their children are involved in including music lessons, sports and academic tutoring. These same moms would never consider consistently allowing their children to miss their own lessons, play dates and outings because they understand that personal consistency is important, however, when it comes to their own list of things to do, they have a different set of personal rules for their own life list. Many put off for their own book club, meetingIf you are interested in being part of an accountability community and get the daily coaching strategies to get you life in gear this year then join www.TheMomsAcademy.com.s, and gym memberships to ensure that they have the time to assist their family with their activities.

You already know where I am going. My question to you is, “What is holding you back from your own self-care?” Does your family require that your role as mother means that you have to be last always and forever or does it make you feel validated to be a martyr? Ouch!

In my book, Time for mom-Me:5 Essential Strategies for A Mother’s Self-Care, I talk about the importance of modeling excellent self-care for your children. Our children learn how to care for themselves based on how we care for ourselves. Every time I interview a mother about why see fails to create a routine in her family that includes her, such as having the family help out with chores more or to create time in her home to enjoy living versus working to live, she almost always refers to the Moms in her life. I call this the Mom-Me Script. Each of us have a script of what mothers should and ought to do based on the moms in our lives. Often we create routines and patterns that cause us to repeat these patterns of business and selflessness that result in fatigue and frustrations.

We all can benefit from some “Me Time” once and awhile. Time to pursue the things that are important to us. When we make time to personally grow, we are then in a better position to share those parts of ourselves with our family. My mother gave me tremendous gift years ago, “She told me that being a mother is what you do and not who you are.”  She challenged me to make my own self-care a priority throughout motherhood. What my mother understood twenty years after giving birth to me is if you don’t make time for you now, you will have to learn who you are later. Think about it?

Answer the following questions:

  1. Name two things that you want to accomplish for you this month?
  2. Write down your greatest excuse for not following through on your plans for you.
  3. What change are you willing to make?


If you are interested in being part of an accountability community and get the daily coaching strategies to get you life in gear this year then join www.TheMomsAcademy.com.

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