What Is holding you back?

As I countdown to the Time for Mom-Me Retreat & Experience Weekend I will share my story and the self-care journey that has helped thousands of moms across the country enjoy their lives even more.  I can’t make you come and to invest in yourself during a weekend that will surely get you to ask yourself the right questions, help you create the plan to implement the change that you desire and to create lasting systems which will empower you to be consistent and persistent in the new goals that you seek.  All I can do is to give you an opportunity to choose right here and now an experience that will assist you to live your greatest life.  Wanting to change, changes nothing.  In order to create change you must take an action.

Just 5 months ago I made the decision to host an extraordinary event for moms called The Time for Mom-Me Retreat & Experience Weekend. My goal is simply to create inspirational and non-judgmental communities for mothers to birth their biggest dreams. I’ve accomplished a lot as a mother and I will show you the systems that I’ve used to get things done and to enjoy my life and business.
So many women believe that they must put their dream aside once they become moms and that isn’t true. I’ve taught my clients for years how to create business and life systems that support your highest vision for your life. It’s unbelievable that I am just 7 weeks away from realizing this dream and I want to share it with you.

You should make the decision to come to the retreat if:

1. You need life and business systems to improve the quality of your life.
2. You need new girlfriends who want the best for you.
3. You want to create a new blueprint for your life.
4. You need more than Inspiration. You need solutions and strategies that work with proven results.
5. You need to learn ways to better manage your time and improve the quality of your life.
6. You need a mentor with a proven record of success both personally and professionally who is a mother.
7. You are ready to elevate your life and don’t know where to start.
8. You own and business and that business owns you.
9. Your self-care routine is non-existent.
10. You are over committed and have no boundaries.
11. You are at the bottom of your to do list.
12. You aren’t living your Joy.
13. You aren’t reaching your goals from year to year.
14. You are afraid to fail and so you aren’t pushing yourself.
15. You are overwhelmed.
16. Your marriage is  not all that it could be.
17. You feel like each day is like a roller-coaster.
18. You struggle saying, “No”.
19. Your feel resentful.
20. It’s been a long time since you invested in your life.

Book with a friend by 9/30 and reserve your room and we will upgrade you to VIP during the event. We will sell out. (www.timeformom-meretreat.com)


Live fully,



The Mom Strategist

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