What Type Of Support Do You Need To Improve Your Life?

One of the best things that I have done for myself is to build a community that  inspires me to be my best self without competition and judgement.  Over the years, I have learned to create different communities for different areas of my life. Today, I have a village of mothers that share with me what they are doing to make the parenting journey easier.  I have a group called The Iron Moms that provide me the motivation and support to workout, tips on being healthier and the accountability that I need to stay committed.  I also have a group of entrepreneurs that I speak with weekly that provide tremendous support, vision and ideas for my business.  Years ago, I remember looking for one community that would accommodate the many facets of my life and found it difficult to identify the help that I needed.  Today, I feel supported by so many different communities that reflect my values, needs and wants to live my best version of my life.


If you are struggling with identifying the support that you need, I suggest that you consider starting a Time For Mom-Me group as the first step.  The groups are a great way to connect and buildi new support for yourself.


Live fully,



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