Information To Help Raise Kids With The Necessary Tools
To Build Happy, Sucessful and Confident Lives!
Dr. Michele Borba
Character & Behavior

Empathic Kids

How to Raise Kids Who Stand Up for Their Beliefs

Moral Intelligence: Parents Do Make a Difference

Emotional Vocabulary

How To Discourage Materialism

The Keys to Effective Discipline

The Facts About Bullying

What To Do If Your Child Is Teased or Bullied

Hot Homework Tips for Parents

Help Your Child to Persevere

6 Ways to Help Kids Handle Anger

6 Ways to Help Foster Kids Express Anger

Elizabeth Pantley
Parenting & Behavior

Separation Anxiety

Get Your Toddler to Cooperation

The Power of Choice

Getting Your Kids to Write Thank You Notes

Casual Remarks

Managing Morning Maddness

The Parenting Quiz

Naomi Drew
Conflict Resolution

Six Steps for Resolving Conflicts

Help Your Child Manage Their Anger

What to do when your teenage daughter is spinning out of control

Strengthen your child against the various forms of stress and trauma

Managing Your Anger

Dealing With Tantrums

Caron Goode
Whole Child

How You Can Talk to Your Kids

Our children's wellness depends on our attitudes

Judy Lavin
Life Challenges

Encourage Compassion

Nurture Self-esteem

Couples with special needs often build strong marriages

Abigail Natenshon,

Healthy Eating

Kids in the Kitchen

Beyond the Breakfast Barrier

The Healthy Body Survey

What is Healthy Eating?

Ten Healthy Eating Tips for Your Child

Childhood Fears Take New Form

Your Body is a Wise Machine

Teach Your Child to Become a Healthy Eater

By the Editors of

What You Should Know About GMOs

Profile on Nell Newman: Snacking Her Way to Sustainable Agriculture.

The Generation Green Cookbook. Healthy Recipes from nature's garden.

Keeping Children's Health in Check

Five simple steps to avoid pesiticide exposure.
Critical information to make sure your child is raised in a safe and healthy home.

Keep your house safe and clean for your family. Learn how to make your own practical and inexpensive homemade cleaning products.

Smart and effective ways to control your weeds.

Ann Douglas

The Last Hurrah

Postpartum Diva: Fashion after Baby

Pregnancy Pains You Rarely Hear About

Ten Things Your Prenatal Instructor Won't Tell You

Dr. Sylvia Rimm

You're The Greatest! When Praise Can Cause Problems

What's Wrong With Perfect

The Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Epidemic

Communication Between Fathers and Daughters

Children's Rooms: The Neatness Battle

Using Time-Out As A Punishment

Armin Brott

Smoking and Drinking

Separation Anxiety

Post Partum Blues

Twenty Two Discipline Tips That Really Work

Anne Leedom
Heart-to-Heart Parenting

Discipline Without Punishment

Missing Parents Alert!

Character Defined

Intentional Character

Taking the Struggle Out of Power Struggles

Ten Strategies for Maintenance Free Parenting

Teaching Kids Respect

Scheduling Time To Nurture Character in Kids

Teaching Kids to Develop Conscience

What Good Parents Don't Know About Raising Good Kids

Building the Core - Empathy

The Conversation Connection

Kids and Money: Nuturing Responsibility

A Mother's Prayer

Dr. Jim Taylor

Red Flags

Rules for Achievement

Does Your Child See Themselves Accurately?

Is Your Child Gaining Happiness From Their Efforts?

Mimi Doe

Motivating Children to Change Behavior

Peer Pressure


The Mother's Prayer

Antidotes for Morning Madness

Deepen Family Connections this Summer

Balanced Back to School Rhythm

Linda Sharp

Night of the Living Dread

One Year Later, One Year Greater
September 11, Remembered

Shelley Duncan

Why Homeschool

Can You Be Social In A Homeschool Setting?

Other Articles

Popular Sports Hurt Many Kids

Media Has Big Influence On Kids

Tips to Play Fair By

Fireworks Safety

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