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Anne Leedom
Anne Leedom

ParentingBookmark.com is designed to promote character education and strong social and behavior skills in children. We offer information for parents and teachers on many topics, including bullying, anger management, sibling rivalry, and peacefulness. In addition, we offer expertise on subjects that will be part of a child’s development of a healthy self, including healthy eating, positive interaction with one’s community and environment, special challenges, and important information on how kids are affected by the media. We also offer books and products for parents, teachers and kids, all designed to strengthen character and self esteem in kids.

Parenting Bookmark was founded by Anne Leedom in 1999, after giving birth to two daughters and realizing that she wanted to be home with her daughters. "Let me clarify that I am not a pediatrician, child psychologist nor do I claim to be an "expert" mommy. I have a Journalism degree from San Jose State University with a minor in Child Psychology. My corporate history is in consumer sales. Operating Parenting Bookmark.com allows me to run a successful business as well as being able to enjoy daily activities with my children. Somehow, it seems like the actual workload doubled along the way! The site was designed and is maintained by Steve Leedom, my husband. He also designs and maintains many of the websites for the experts housed on our site (please visit www.sglstudios.com for more information on his services)."

We sincerely hope you will enjoy your visit and that you will find the information useful. We plan to continue to provide resources that will help not just the daily grind of parenting easier, but to help ensure the ultimate goal of preparing kids for life in these troubling times. Thank you for your interest and good luck to you in raising your kids!!! Remember, there is no right or wrong way to parent. Your time, love and consistency are the most important gifts you can give your children.

Anne Leedom has been quoted in Parents, Redbook and Nick Jr. Magazines and has been a guest on National Public Radio Affiliate WHWC on the show "Mental Health Today with Dr. Minette Ponick." For more information contact anne@parentingbookmark.com.

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