Parent's Feedback,
May 2002

Busy but Balanced is a wonderful book for the mom who thinks she has to do it all but cannot possibly accomplish even half of her list. This book is very easy and calming to read. The book is broken up into seasons and can be read at any time of the year when you are feeling most frantic. The author has many suggestions for coping with everyday life in a very realistic manner. I found that the ideas for getting closer to your family were creative yet not too cutesy. We have simplified our breakfast "hour" by turning off the tv, listening to some pretty music and sometimes even lighting a few candles. At first my kids thought I was losing it - now they look forward to this little time together. Thank you Mimi Doe.

- A Reader from Connecticut

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Busy but Balanced
Practical and Inspirational Ways to Create a Calmer, Closer Family

by Mimi Doe

The ideas in Busy but Balanced are for the people who need them the most-those of us out in the world putting our longings, goals, and ideas into action and balancing that with creating a nourishing home and deeply connecting with our children. It's not about giving up desire but, instead, creating a right relationship with all aspects of ourselves and our world. Rather than breathlessly grasping at the shards of our lives, we can boldly and calmly expand to embrace all aspects of it-alert and relaxed.

A mother of two young children expressed what many of us feel: "I want a simple life; I want a busy life. I don't want it cluttered with junk, but I want it vibrant. My relationship is with my family, and I want that at the core of my life; but I also want meaningful work. My family is forever so I want that to thrive, but I want the day in and day out at work to be good too."

Fear of change locks many of us into rote living-treadmill days. Busy but Balanced, a practical and inspirational guide, will help you take action month by month, manage change, even invite it in, to create a full life lived with no regrets. Making choices allows you to live sanely with more joy, energy, and success-without sacrifice.

Mimi Doe, M.Ed., is the author of "BUSY BUT BALANCED: Practical and Inspirational Ways to Create a Calmer, Closer Family" (St. Martins Press, Oct. 2001). "Ladies Home Journal" called Mimi "a parenting guru" and her work has been covered in publications such as "Child," "Parenting," "McCalls," "Family Circle," "Publisher's Weekly" and "USA Today." She has appeared on talk radio and television programs including Oprah.

Mimi's workshops and seminars have changed the way thousands of parents interact with the children in their lives. Her popular on-line newsletter, Spiritual Parenting Thought for the Week has over 30,000 subscribers from around the world and she is a parenting contributor to

Mimi is also the author of "10 Principles for Spiritual Parenting: Nurturing Your Child's Soul" (which won the 1998 Parents' Choice Seal of Approval and was a finalist in the Books for a Better Life Award) and the co-author of "Drawing Angels Near: Children Tell of Angels in Words and Pictures." She holds a master's degree in education from Harvard. Her work can be reviewed further at her web site at To order visit

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