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Character Builders:
Responsibility & Trustworthiness

by Michele Borba

Would you like students to be more responsible and caring? Then here’s the program for you! Dr. Michele Borba’s new series based on the five building blocks of self-esteem now helps your students build character. Character traits, like skills, are learned, and the Character Builders series provides a simple, engaging, and effective way to teach them.

The Character Builders series shows you how to expand your students’ personal, social, and academic potential and develop solid character. It teaches not only the trait but the core skills that matter most both in school and in life. Filled with practical strategies, dozens of activities and step-by-step character building lessons culled from the author’s 20 years of developing programs in the schools, this series puts field-tested tools in the hands of teachers and counselors who want students to become their best.

Character Builders is unique:

• Each activity enhances character development, social skills and literacy.
• Scores of practical, research-based activities are all field tested.
• School-wide use and ideas; introduces a character theme each month.
• Each manual addresses a distinct character trait and the skills needed to enhance the trait.
• Flexible; use daily, weekly, monthly, or periodically (to fit your schedule).
• Designed to be used with Dr. Borba’s Esteem Builders: A K-8 Curriculum for Improving Student Achievement, Behavior and School Climate.

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