Parent's Feedback,
October 2000

"We're all human and so we all make mistakes--it's the learning from our mistakes that makes us better parents. HIDDEN MESSAGES offers us a road map to parenting in a new way. By presenting stories of typical everyday situations, followed by "Think About It," we are offered vaulable insight into the real messages that we send to our children by our actions & inactions, as well as by our words. The "hidden message" in each story is clearly described. The "Changes You Can Make" section following each story offers clear, practical, useful, and easy-to-understand advice. Thank you, Ms. Pantley for recognizing that even with the best of intentions, none of us is perfect and for showing us the way to more succesful parenting."
- A Reader from Minnesota

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Hidden Messages
What Our Words and Actions Are Really Telling Our Children
by Elizabeth Pantley

Even the best-informed parents will be shocked to discover that they have unintentionally been sending their kids the wrong messages. In this book, these hidden messages are revealed through intriguing stories that will make you laugh, cry, and reflect upon your own family life. Hidden Messages will teach you about yourself and encourage you to look at what's really going on between you and your children. Through specific action plans, it will help you uncover the best ways to raise your children to be happy, successful people.

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