Reader Feedback,
November 2000
"Learning the Skills of Peacemaking has turned our school around. Every teacher has a copy, and by doing the lessons on a regular basis we have reduced fighting among students and we've completely improved the atmosphere in our building. I didn't think these changes would be possible, but I've seen them happen with my own eyes. I strongly urge other teachers and adminstators to buy this book. It really makes a difference."

Elementary Teacher

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© Paperback - 272 pages (May 1999) $29.95
Jalmar Press; ISBN:1880396424

Learning the Skills of Peacemaking:
A K-6 Activity Guide to Resolving Conflicts, Communicating, & Cooperating
by Naomi Drew, M.A.

This best-selling how-to guide for teachers, counselors and parents brings the Skills of Peacemaking to real-life situations. This highly regarded work shows you how to promote peacemaking and problem-solving skills across the curriculum. Chock full of in-depth, hands-on activities, blackline masters, program evaluation forms, scripts, role plays and more, it fosters deep understanding in your students of win-win guidelines and skills for keeping the peace. Also includes an effective peer mediation program with forms, training guide, script, and group role plays. Additional information on parent involvement and leading parent workshops. A rich resource! Grades K-6

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