Parent's Feedback,
March 2002

Dr. Taylor's book will guide parents of children from infancy to adulthood in establishing a healthy, nourishing, intelligent relationship with their children. Positive Pushing clearly defines the art of parenting that makes it possible for children to discover their best selves and thrive. It may be too early to declare that this is the best guide for parents ever written, but I know of none better. I am the father of four boys and a friend of Dr. Taylor's, and his wisdom has been of tremendous value to me and my family.

- A Reader from California

Positive Pushing
How to Raise a Happy & Successful Child

by Jim Taylor

Parents often wonder -- "Are we pushing our children too much, or too little?"

What do kids really need to be successful and happy people? For parents, how they answer this question will determine how they will raise their children, what lessons their children will learn, what values they will adopt, and, ultimately, what kinds of adults they will become.

Taylor, an experienced doctor of psychology, gives parents clear and balanced instruction on how to encourage children just enough to produce a happy, successful, satisfied achiever. Pushed properly, Taylor believes, children will grow into adults ready to tackle life’s many challenges. Using his three-pillared approach, Taylor focuses on self-esteem, ownership, and emotional mastery, and maintains that rather than being a means of control, pushing should be both a source of motivation and a catalyst for growth which can instill important values in children’s lives. He teaches parents how to temper their own expectations to suit their children’s emotional, intellectual, and physical development, and identifies common red flags that indicate when a child is being pushed too hard -- or not enough.

Whether a child’s potential for achievement lies in academics, the arts, sports, or other areas, Dr. Taylor’s insight and guidance will push parents, teachers, and coaches to nurture children into successful and happy adults.

Jim Taylor, Ph. D., has consulted with young achievers and their parents in sports, education and the performing arts for over 17 years. He is the author of several books on achievement and conducts seminars on the subjects throughout North America and Europe. Dr. Taylor lives in San Francisco. To learn more about his work, visit and

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