Reader Feedback,
"After my mom read Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids she made copies of the "Peaceful Kids Action Plan" for me. I hung each page in my room like the book said, and every day I followed the Peaceful Kids Action Steps. It's really helping me get along better with my family, even my little brother. I think more parents should get this book and use it with their kids. It really works. Plus my mom doesn't yell as much now.
"an 11 year old reader from Maine

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Peaceful Parents,
Peaceful Kids

Practical Ways To Create a Calm and Happy Home
by Naomi Drew, M.A.

“This book hits the target in so may ways. It is gracefully written, well-organized, and, sometimes, even entertaining. Compared to most self-help books it is also economically written, not padded with lots of redundant illustrative examples involving "real people". Most importantly, its advice is reasonable, persuasive, and clearly described. I found a pointer like "STOP, BREATHE, CHILL" before you dive headlong into a no-win verbal scrum with your child immensely helpful.

One of the book's overriding themes is that by following its program "you will gain the freedom to CHOOSE your actions rather than simply REACT." I can't think of a more useful parental objective and the book really helps your chances of achieving it. My only quibble with the book is that sometimes the methods it advises are just too cumbersome for everyday type problems--that it wants you to resolve a little sibling dispute with the equivalent of a U.N. resolution. But if you want an effective handbook for heading off serious problems and improving the overall atmosphere of your family environment, then buy this book!"

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