Parent's Feedback,
May 2001

I cannot say enough how much I love this book! Already a huge fan of Ms. Sharp's, I was thrilled when the book finally came out. From the cover to the words inside, it is funny with a capital F! Do yourself a favor and buy yourself some laughter! You will read it over and over. And get one for every parent on your list! It is the perfect gift for parents and parents-to-be! I highly recommend this book!

- A Reader from Oregon

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Paperback - 180 pages (May 2001) $14.95
ISBN: 0595176410
Stretchmark on My Sanity

by Linda Sharp

Proving once again that there is nothing more universal, or funny!, than parenting, internationally recognized humorist Linda Sharp opens the door to her home and welcomes us all in! From the beginnings of pregnancy to the droopy boobed realities of life after labor, to the struggles of raising a 42 year old child named Husband, her candor and wit leave no stretchmark unturned! You'll laugh yourself to tears as you see your own life in every word, and you'll end up wondering if she has been peeking in the windows of your house! Actually she has been hiding in the closet and has asked us to inform you that you are almost out of vacuum cleaner bags.

Linda Sharp is an internationally recognized humorist who writes regularly on the joyous and frustrating world of parenting. Her work wraps around the globe to appear in print publications from Maine to Malaysia, as well as across the web. Linda is also creator of the totally irreverent and hysterical website, Sanity Central — A Time Out from Parenting. Her latest book, Stretchmarks On My Sanity: The Growing Pains of Raising a Family, has earned her rave reviews and comparisons to the late Erma Bombeck.

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