Parent's Feedback,
February 2002

"I bought this book as a Xmas gift for my husband as we are expecting our first baby in April. He raved and raved about it. His major complaints with the many other pregnancy and parenting books were that a) they didn't seem to be talking to the father - just the mom or b) they assumed that the father was some inept, bumbling buffoon with regards to anything involving the baby.

This book talks about virtually all the emotions new dads encounter - fear, pride, love, jealously - everything, and it speaks directly to the dad. Brott sounds like a very loving father to his own kids and tries to send the message that being an affectionate, loving father is what being a "real man" is all about. Bottom Line: buy it now."

- A Reader from Pennsylvania

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The New Father
A Dad's Guide to the First Year
by Armin Brott

An ideal gift for the birth of a child, these books skillfully and with humor guide men through the daunting experience of being a new father. The New Father: A Dad's Guide to the First Year, answers hundreds of questions, such as, How can you become an effective, involved father when you see your baby for only half an hour after work every day? and What is the best way to start saving for your child's college education? Author Armin Brott charts the physical, intellectual, verbal, and emotional changes the child is going through, and examines the emotional and psychological developments the father may be experiencing. He suggests activities appropriate to each month and covers such parenting issues as finding quality child care and understanding changes in the relationship with one's partner. Incorporating the author's and other fathers' personal experiences, as well as the advice of top researchers in the field, the books are illustrated with delightful cartoons that will make even the most anxious father chuckle.

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