Parent's Feedback,
April 2002

"In my time of need, this book opened my eyes to what society really thinks of divorced and single dads. I knew, after reading this book, that it wasn't anything I was or wasn't doing; it was simply the way the system works. I thank these two wonderful authors for their time and effort in researching and writing a book that I will never give away. Thank you so much for confirming that I am the good father I knew I was.


- A Reader from Tennessee

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Throwaway Dads
The Myths and Barriers That Keep Men from Being the Fathers They Want to Be
by Armin Brott & Ross Parke

Even if we don't believe in the myth of Ward Cleaver and other old TV dads any more, most of us aren't really sure what to believe instead. Evidence is mounting that our confusion about fatherhood is affecting our children and helping to create a climate of lowered expectations and poor self-esteem. Throwaway Dads breaks down many of the barriers men must confront to become good fathers, and suggests new ways in which men, women, and our culture can view this role in the hope of turning the disturbing trend around and raising happier, healthier kids.

Psychologist Ross Parke and parenting writer Armin A. Brott combine research on fatherhood with practical alternatives to current thinking to create a feisty, thought-provoking read. Why do most media images of fathers show them as incompetent, lazy, or frightening? Studies suggest that these stereotypes are far from reality but stick in our minds nonetheless, creating a difficult environment for men to nurture children. In fact, say Parke and Brott, most men are doing their best in the absence of formal guidelines, and paternal involvement is crucial for children to develop independence, social skills, and school performance. By encouraging "parenting partnerships" and new images of men as concerned, active parents, the authors hope to reverse our current direction and make the concept of throwaway dads a thing of the past.

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