About Dawna Markova Ph.D.

Dr. Markova is a psychotherapist, a researcher, and a consultant to leaders of organizations from education to health care to corporations. She is an author and a storyteller, a parent and grandmother.

She has PhD's in psychology and education. She has written seven books that have been translated into ten languages. She is one of the creators of the Random Acts of Kindness Series, a global movement that began with small storybooks and became a revolution. She has written for many publications, been a frequent guest on radio and television, and been a keynote speaker at dozens of events around the world.

Dr. Markova has worked in 3rd world classrooms and Global Corporate boardrooms. She has taught children no one else would teach, and helped senior executives and CEO's in ways no one else could. She pays exquisite attention to people and to the world we are all living and growing in. She is the champion of the part of ourselves that we often forget. She is the torchbearer that lights the small cauldron of hope in each of us that we do matter in the world.

Currently Dawna and her team are distilling her life's work into an exciting and innovative online program called SmartWired that will empower millions of kids and parents around the world. You can contact her at info@smartwired.org and read more on her work at www.dawnamarkova.com.

Articles of Dawna Markova:

parenting book6 Tips for Asset Focused Parenting
parenting bookSmartWired: Setting Your Child up for Success

Bibliography of Dawna Markova:

No More Misbehavin'The Smart Parenting Revolution - A Powerful New Approach to Unleashing Your Child's Potential

The Open Mind - Exploring the Six Patterns of Natural Intelligence

Learning Unlimited: Using Homework to Engage Your Child's Natural Style of Intelligence

No More Misbehavin'How Your Child IS Smart - A Life-Changing Approach to Learning Potential

No Enemies Within - A Creative Process for Discovering What's Right about What's Wrong

I Will Not Die An Unlived Life: Reclaiming Purpose and Passion

Random Acts of Kindness

More Random Acts of Kindness

Kids' Random Acts of Kindness

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