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Kids and Nutrition
Great tips and advice written by their team of experts with 10 new articles each month.

Breast Cancer Awareness
The Empty Cup Runneth Over is an easy to read book to help educate and empower women and men about breast cancer and other health issues. The authors Cindy Papale and Sabrina Hernandez have worked closely with University of Miami, Mount Sinai, and physicians in private practice who have contributed chapters as well as young women in their early 20's who openly share their journey battling breast cancer.

This website offers weekly column and articles that support parents and healthy families.

Family Dynamics
Training church leaders, counselors and lay couples to lead marriage and family enrichment courses. Also provides free resources and articles for marriage, parenting and other relationships.

Parent Coach Plan
The Parent Coach Plan is a highly effective, home-based parenting program which borrows many of its ideas and techniques from the systems of discipline used in residential treatment centers throughout the world.  Parents can purchase a copy of the Parent Coach Plan or they can print out one of our parenting tools or information sheets.

Teaching Children To Read
Information on teaching children to read plus information on reading programs, reading aloud to children, reading activities, games, encouragement methods, and research.

4 A Nanny Job is a nanny search and listing organization that works with online employment agencies for nannies to locate jobs, interview questions, resume layouts, contracts and salary information.

Dynamic Vision is a full service site for fathers to succeed. It provides coaching services, articles, assessments, a newsletter, discussion board, and much more.

Attachment Parenting
A fun and opinionated web site written by an attachment parenting couple raising three children in our modern times.

A nice Internet community for "stay-at-home" moms in need of a coffee break.

A site offering alternative educational facilities for troubled teens.

Internet home for "Parent Talk," a nationally syndicated radio show aimed at helping moms and dads, parents-to-be and grandparents succeed at life's most rewarding job.

Providing information on innovative health and wellness programs.

Good self-esteem and self-confidence will cause your child to walk with their head up and their shoulders back. The bully will look for someone else to target.

Resources, books, tapes, and articles for parents and teachers. Articles and archives of newsletters that contain practical, useable ideas to put to use immediately with your students and children. Includes sections on the Parent Talk System and Spirit Whisperers, teachers who nourish a child's spirit.

The National Center for Fathering was founded to be a resource for men seeking to strengthen their fathering skills. With a staff of highly skilled researchers, writers, speakers and seminar instructors, the Center is positioned to become America's leading resource for fathers.

Do you stay at home, work at home or just want to be at home? Visit The Light Keeper.com, a site dedicated to those who Keep the Light at Home! You'll find articles, ideas, links, resources, information, tips - everything you need to help Keep the Light in your home.

Enhancing the quality and enjoyment of family life for special needs families.

Alan Greene, M.D., provides thorough answers to pediatric questions. Topics include bed-wetting, ear infections, eating/nutrition, potty training, and sleeping.

Family and parenting information at your fingertips! From recipes to parenting chat, baby name resources, maternity articles and more.

Keep Kids Healthy - free pediatric parenting advice

The online home of "Parenting" and "BabyTalk" magazines.

Parenting With Dignity is a resource where parents learn new, essential parenting skills and gives them the tools necessary to create an encouraging, and loving home for their children.

Giving parents the information they need to decide what movies and videos are best for kids from 2-18 and helps families use what they watch to talk about the issues and values they care about most.

Work at Home, Party and Craft Ideas, Freebies and Contests all for parents.

You are not alone. Deciding to start a family and embarking on the parenting track changes your entire life. Are you emotionally prepared? jugglingitall.com highlights the emotional challenges and stressful situations that parents are faced with when raising an infant or toddler.

Over 500+ digital pages of effective money saving articles, newsletters, and ebooks all accessible directly at our website. Stop by and see what's available to you!

The on-line family resource for over 65 major metropolitan areas in the U.S. Includes: a directory of local child-related businesses; local family events; playgroups; fun family places to go in each local area, and much, much more!

Character Education and free resources for Teachers.

Companionship and support network offering fun activities for moms in the East Bay to enjoy with their children and other moms.

A complete mom-to-mom resource site covering parenting issues and pregnancy.

Use the charts provided to help you get more organized in your life. Teach kids to get more organized. Award kids for doing a good job. Keep track of events with calendars. Print charts that you can hang on your refrigerator door. Write on and wipe off.

A light-hearted, whimsical approach to learning basic English grammar!

They work to improve the quality of news and entertainment media both for children and about children's issues.

www.RaisingADaughter.com & www.RaisingASon.com
Since they don't come with an "instruction manual"... will support you get through each day's new challenges!

Is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information and resources that empower parents to make proactive and educated parenting decisions.

The values program is a tool for parents to use to focus on character education by teaching values to their children in everyday situations.

Teacher Education is a site for student teachers that deals with the methodologies, theories, learning concepts, and the textbook focus on learning to teach.

Visit the young and the young-at-heart crowd in the Spiritual Parenting Playroom, the air is filled with the aroma of fresh baked cookies, the exuberant noise of joyful laughter, fun and play.

The work of Dr. Michele Borba, internationally acclaimed author, speaker, educator and parenting expert in the field of self-esteem.

Medical and emergency safety systems for children and adults.

Stories, Books, Activities and Information from the Veggie Tales media line. Products focus on teaching values and morals through non-violent, family friendly methods.

Provides effective means for children to understand and learn character building principles and values. Storytelling and fun-filled activities are utilized to make this an interactive and interesting site.

A site design to inspire and inhance a child's motivation to participate in community services and make a difference in their world.

Organization commited to developing civic virtue and moral character in our youth for a more compassionate and responsible society.

Coalition of school, community and non-partisan organizations working to advance character education.

A growing interactive resource for Parents dedicated to Parenting. Parents can ask and answer questions on topics that Parents care about!

Resources and information for foster and adoptive families. Articles, chats and links.

Information, experts and resources on the education and development of children.

Disney's Premier Site for Family Activites

Fun and interactive site with a variety of resource centers for all aspects of parenting.

An iVilliage.com parenting resource center. Games, experts, boards and information.

Parenting resources, articles and information on a variety of subjects.

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