Get Your “Green Smoothie” On – A Delicious Way to Drink Your Veggies

Posted on January 23, 2013 by rebeccascritchfield

Smoothies can be a smart food choice any time of day. They make a quick and healthy meal when you’re pinched for time. They’re great for exercise recovery because they have carbohydrates and protein. They’re an easy way to get more fruits and vegetables, which are packed with vitamins and minerals to give you energy.

My favorite smoothie is “green” – super simple. Just add frozen banana, spinach, and protein powder to a blender. Toss in a little ice and push GO!

But your smoothie can be any color of the rainbow. So get creative.

Basic Fruit and Veggie Smoothie “Recipe”:

This is a basic recipe that I use when making smoothies at home, but this can be customized in a million ways, so just use this as a guide! You can use fresh or frozen fruit or veggies, so experiment with what’s on sale, and what’s in season.


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  • Fruit: 1/2-2 cups; for the banana spinach smoothie I recommend ½ to a whole frozen banana which adds great texture and flavor. Keep in mind that the more fruit you add, the more calories and carbs you add. Some athletes may need to get in 2 cups of fruits for adequate carbohydrates. Most people are probably fine with 1/2-1 cup fruit per serving. For other variations switch up the type of fruit — berries, mangoes, kiwis, melons – be adventurous!
    • Tip: if your bananas or other fruits are turning brown, just peel them and stick them in a freezer bag. You can cut it up into chunks when it’s frozen to add to smoothies.
  • Veggies (optional): 1-2 cups; baby spinach is a good first step if this is your first time because you can’t taste it.
    • Tip: You can also try kale too or a mix of spinach and kale.
  • Protein: 8 oz plain Greek yogurt, or protein powder that delivers 20g or more protein.
    • Tip: I like organic whey or non-GMO soy, others can be used if you have a food allergy.
  • Liquid: ½ cup-1 cup water, milk, coconut water, or 100% juice
  • Ice: 1/4-1/2 cup
    • Tip: you might need on the higher end if using fresh fruit — if using frozen fruit you might need on the lower end.
  • Optional add-ins: 1-2 tablespoons can give added nutrition or a different flavor profile; these all add calories (some more than others) so stick with 1-2 choices (if adding at all): peanut butter/almond butter/cashew butter (or your fave “nut” or “seed” butter you get the idea), cocoa powder, coconut milk, unsweetened coconut flakes, seeds/nuts, chia seed, hemp seed, flax seed oil, mint/basil/other herbs, oatmeal, fresh lemon or lime juice, pure maple syrup or honey.


Place liquid items in the blender first – this will help it blend easier. Place remaining items in blender and blend until smooth.

Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe you’d like to share? I’m always looking to be “wow’d” with a new recipe.

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