10 Ways to Beat the Heat

1 Add pureed frozen strawberries to store-bought lemonade. 

Cool and tasty!  Watermelon kid

2 Freeze fruit-flavored yogurt or pudding in small cups. Serve with a spoon.

3 Freeze no-sugar added applesauce cups, drizzle with caramel sauce and serve with a spoon.

4 Freeze fruit juice in ice cube trays. Add a few cubes to a cup of water. Instant refreshment.

5 Make a fruit slushie by whirling equal parts 100% fruit juice
and ice in a blender. Serve in a glass with a straw.

6 Make an afternoon snack plate of cucumber slices with Ranch dressing for dipping.

7 Slice up a seeded watermelon and have a watermelon seed spitting contest. Delicious outdoor fun!

8 Make Jello-O with added fruit! It’s jigglin’ summer fun!

9 Drink an ice-cold glass of water – Ahhhh!

10 Make a recipe from your Treats to Beat the Heat cookbook and enjoy the favors of summer.

-- www.FreshBaby.com

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