9/11 Photo Memories 12 Years Later: Look for the Helpers

It’s a bright, clear afternoon outside my window as I write. No big terrifying surprise today like there was 12 years ago. But enough memories to keep me aware, grateful, and humble. I just viewed Time Magazine’s article “9/11: The Photographs That Moved Them the Most.”  The industry’s leading photo editors, photographers, authors, educators and bloggers were interviewed on which images from 9/11 moved them most and why. I wonder what your answer would be? Here’s mine:

As I was going through the photos and reading these people’s memories, every image was more emotional than the next. I remember feeling again what all of these photographers described – shock and horror at the incredible human loss and destruction, anger and sadness that there is so much misunderstanding and violence in the world, gratitude for all who ran in when everyone was running out, and…

I remember all the people whom I knew who were in the area at that time who were safe.

I remember the email I received from a colleague three days after 9/11 in honor of one who didn’t make it home.

I remember speaking in New York and visiting Ground Zero three weeks after 9/11. I remember the wet ash-filled streets and acrid smell still in the air, the tower’s steel beams that looked like overcooked spaghetti laying on the ground and the blocks and blocks of photos and mementos of missing family members pinned to security fences along the street.

And now, twelve years later, I also remember what keeps my heart open —  the simple words of Mr. Rogers to parents when they asked him what to tell their children: “Look for the helpers.”

I did. Here’s a photo I took. Helpers everywhere.

9/11 Ground Zero Three Weeks Later

9/11 Ground Zero Three Weeks Later

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