Breaking Dawn Part 1 – Review

*Spoiler Alert

In part one of the final installments of the Twilight Saga, the characters are gearing up for the highly anticipated wedding between Edward and Bella. As there was much to get through in the hour and fifty-seven minutes allotted for the film, the movie jumps from scene to scene at a fast pace.

However they then spend long seconds at a time focused on a characters face after they have spoken, whether for dramatic effect or to take up more time, it feels as if each scene is dragged on.

I was glad to see that the major events that occurred in the book were all there and for the most part accurately transitioned to the big screen. Minor things about the characters and scenes were changed to not give as much away, thus making it more like two separate movies. The scenes that many fans were worried about like the birth scene, honeymoon scenes, Bella’s transition, in my mind were all handled with the right amount of class, but still stayed true to the book and reality of it.

Yes the birth scene was bloody, but given what needed to happen to recapture Stephanie Meyer’s vision, it was done in a manner that stayed true to the PG-13 rating. The long awaited transition for Bella was one of my favorite scenes, the montage of her old memories in addition to the internal view of how the change from human to vampire takes place was better than I expected.

The long, disturbing deterioration of Bella during her short one-month pregnancy was tragic and painful at times to watch, but hopefully has acted as an unintentional message to the horrors of anorexia.

A mind-bending part you might not understand without the books was the imprinting scene between Jacob and newborn half human, half vampire Renesmee. It was weird and yes, in a way conveyed what the book said perfectly. However it didn’t stress enough about the two’s future in a way that wouldn’t creep out those who haven’t read the books.

As a whole the movie is enjoyable, whether or not you have read the books. To truly understand all the relationships and events, I recommend you at least see the previous three films.

The final part of Breaking Dawn will come out November 16th, 2012 in which we will get to travel further into Bella’s new life as a part of the Cullen family as well as what will happen with the Volturi.

(Don’t forget to stay through the credits for an important scene!)


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