Children’s Skincare is Essential

It’s Time To See It as Habitual - and Important - as Brushing Our Teeth

Did you know that one in five Americans will skin cancer in their lifetime, and that skin cancer is more prevalent than all other major forms of cancer—combined? In fact, many experts believe that skin cancer starts when we are children, when pristine young skin is first exposed to UV rays. In addition to causing this debilitating disease, the beauty industry is well aware that sun exposure is the major culprit of skin ageing. However, most parents are not.  90% of skin ageing is attributed to the sun and 80% of UV ray absorption occurs before a child turns 18.  With these scary statistics in mind, it is essential for children to have a skincare routine that just like tooth brushing, is a regular, daily habit.


The Elements Critical to Skincare for Children

Not Just Any Skincare Will Do. In order to be a product that kids will actually use, it needs to be designed with their lifestyle in mind: safe, quick, non-fussy, and let’s face it: fun. Products should absorb quickly, leave behind no stickiness or residue, and ideally, be pediatrician and dermatologist approved and recommended, and safe for babies as young as six months old.

Above & Beyond Testing and Safety.  To get the dermatologist and pediatrician badge of approval, all products used on kids should be tested using the industry gold-standard Human Repeat Insult Patch Test (HRIPT).  Performed under the supervision of a dermatologist, HRIPT tests are conducted on between 50 – 100 people in a controlled laboratory setting, and help determine sensitivity or the potential for allergic reactions from a particular product.

Daily System.  Skincare for children needs to be a system that easily meshes with children’s other daily habits, like brushing their teeth, and become a regular part of their morning and evening routine. A day and night product, used as a duo, is a great way to give children around the clock protection and hydration they need, and that can keep up with all the regular daily activities which take them into the sun.

Targeted Ingredients. Babies, children, and young adults have different skin needs than adults, and their skincare should respect that. Chemical free sunscreens; botanical based hydrators and moisturizers; antioxidants from fruits and other superfoods are ideally suited to youthful skin, and provide not just UV protection, but protection against free radical damage, as well. In addition, look for products that are free-of all the nasties: parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and artificial preservatives, fragrance, and colorants.


Time for A New Skincare Conversation 

For too long, the skincare conversation has been addressed only at adults. But with skin cancer rates soaring, our children deserve a smarter approach.  And that means it’s time to make daily protective skincare an absolute habit for our children. In fact, many pediatricians and doctors agree that skincare advocacy for kids lags far behind other preventative practices, such as dentistry. Dr. Jonathon Trager, dermatologist and pediatrician, elaborates, “The concept of every day skincare for children is innovative and important as skin cancer concerns are becoming more prevalent, even in younger people. The dental industry practices preventative care and I believe pediatrics and dermatology must do the same.”

True skin cancer prevention starts before UV damage has had a chance to occur—and that means prevention. The dental industry has done a brilliant job of ingraining the importance of tooth brushing, every single day, and making it a regular habit for kids and adults alike. The time is now to start a similar conversation about children’s skincare. Everyday skin protection and hydration ensures lifelong healthy skin for our children, as well as help reduce the very real risk of skin cancers.


Great Gift Idea! Parents and Grandparents who are searching for the perfect gift and not just another toy or electronic, give a year supply of skincare!  Your children or grandchildren will thank you later!


Scott Prendergast is President and CEO of DermalYouth. DermalYouth products are formulated for children, but perfect for the entire family. Remember, even if you don’t see it, sun damage could be lurking which is why prevention and protection are the keys to maintaining lifelong healthy skin for your child. Be sure to select products that are dermatologist and pediatrician approved, and that offer all-day benefits, such as our Day & Night Daily Children’s Skincare System. Formulated with healthy ingredients like borage seed oil and shea butter, as well as the sunscreens Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. You can learn more at

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