Fresh Baby Team Member Profile: Nannette Melamed


City: We currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Family: I am married to Steven and we have a very active almost-three-year-old, Henry. We also share our lives with 5 crazy dogs, 1 spoiled pig and a very opinionated Russian tortoise.

Food favorites: My mama’s fried rice and my grandma’s cabbage rolls.

Drink: Sweet iced tea

Vegetable: As long as it’s not asparagus, I will eat it.

Fruit: My favorite fruits are watermelon and clementines, but I enjoy all of them.

Cuisine: Mexican. I could eat tacos and guacamole every day!

Meal: That’s a hard one, there are so many meals that I enjoy … If I had to narrow it down I’d say my spaghetti, because it’s one of the few things I enjoy left over!

Downtime: A hot bath when I need to relax and a dance session with my son when we need to energize and refocus.

Hobbies: I haven’t found one that has stuck! I’m attempting to be crafty and trying to love running.

How would you spend your ideal day? On the water, by lake or by sea, by land or by boat, with my family.

Top tip for healthy eating: Be prepared! Meal planning has helped us not only eat healthier but save money on groceries. I also wash all of our produce as soon as I come home with it and get it ready for the week ahead.

Favorite Fresh Baby product and why? While I love our So Easy Storage Trays for the versatility and uses beyond purees, I am a BIG fan of our 6-piece dinnerware set, specifically the Kid’s Portion Plate. The plate has really helped make me more accountable for what goes on Henry’s plate while helping him understand the importance and healthy eating.




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