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December 7, 2014
A wreath on your front door signals that warmth and good cheer are just a knock away. Anyone can purchase a wreath for the holiday door, but other than that ready-made red bow, what real interest does it have? Holiday wreaths have come a long way as many garden centers and nurseries have beautifully decorated ones that are ready to hang and enjoy, but be prepared to spend some money on these for the convenience.
Truth be told, each year I challenge myself to do something resourceful, unexpected, and unique for my holiday door wreath and what I discovered the creativity options are endless. 
No matter how many varieties I create, I always start the process the same: by purchasing plain, inexpensive 19-inch wreaths for less than $19.00. I then transform them into a masterpiece using many items from my garden, since I can add and build to create layers of interest. Holly, magnolia leaves, pinecones, nuts, bayberry, colorful leaves and branches, small metallic round ornaments in gold, silver, red or copper, dried grasses, moss and other evergreens that don’t appear in the original wreath—all will add to the overall look and texture. Each year you will look forward to creating your wreath and to receiving the compliments that will follow.
2 standard evergreen wreaths (you can certainly try my tips with one wreath!) 
Evergreen clippings. If you do not have any to choose from in your garden, all nurseries have a wide array of them for the holidays. 
Spool wire and any additional decorations: ornaments, bows, pinecones, etc.
Here is how you will create your personalized door wreath. 
1. Place the 2 wreaths together back to back. Use 2 lengths of wire (about 8 inches or so) to secure the two wreaths together. I like to do it at the top and bottom (think of them as 12 and 6 o’clock). 
2. Decide which will be the new ‘back’ side, then loop the wire around and tighten as you would a twist-tie. 
3. Look at it from the ‘front’: if you feel your wreath looks full enough now, simply add the ornaments and ribbon you wish. 
If you want to add more greenery to it, follow these steps:
1. Attach wire (still connected to the spool) at 12 o’clock, then begin to wrap it around the two wreaths, moving clockwise or counter clockwise. 
2. As you do, stop occasionally to insert more cuttings of greenery, wrapping with wire to secure them. Make sure they lay all in the same direction, so they hide the ‘stems’; think of how you lay tile on a roof, overlapping each other.
3. When you get back to 12 o’clock, cut the wire and secure it. 
4. Make sure all the wire is out of sight. 
5. To add even more clippings, simply insert into your now full wreath. 
Here’s an additional personal touch: Find interesting ribbon that creates contrast against the wreath. Wire-edged ribbon is excellent because it can mold to your whimsical design. When creating a ribbon bow, tie in multiple layers for a bold punch.
This is a wonderful project that’s fun for a small gathering or cocktail party prior to the holidays. Whatever you choose, always encourage yourself to create and have fun. Each year you will learn what you like and what works best for your home. You’ll never look at a wreath the same way again. Get ready to make your wreath extra-special!
And there you have it.

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