How to Reduce Stress and Feel Presence: Take a Nature Walk in Your Mind


Since both of us are probably sitting somewhere — you reading, me writing — and you may not be able to get out for a Presence Walk until later, here are two simple things you can do right now to reduce your stress and feel more Presence in your Life:

1) Get a nature walk scheduled on your calendar this week. Anticipation of something you’re looking forward to increases joy and peace of mind and allows you to be more present to the moment. One of my favorite spots on the planet to feel Presence, joy and peace of mind is Torrey Pines Reserve, where I took this photo. Such a calming moment to appreciate the beauty of Life.

2) Do what I did just before I started writing. Look at your favorite nature photos on your computer or in a photo book or go to your own mental nature preserve in your mind, and while you’re looking, take ten long, slow deep breaths, put your hand to your heart and smile for 60 seconds, feeling the energy of Presence breathing you, giving you life. Relax into the spaciousness. (Feel free to download this photo and use it as your screensaver).

If you want to up the relaxation factor, add one of your favorite songs for three to four minutes with the nature photos full screen on your computer. One of my favorite stress relief songs/CDs is Deuter’s Sun Spirit. You can sample it on Amazon.

What’s your favorite place to walk in nature and what is one of your favorite stress relief songs? Please share in the comments below.

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