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July 31, 2015

Look Magazine came to Rosebrook Gardens for an article about inspiration, and ended up taking some of the best photographs of my garden to date. (Look Magazine features highlights of Fairfield County life.) I was honored with a spread that shares my tips on Casual Luxury Living. Long-time MARtians will recognize common themes, but I just had to share some of the gorgeous photos with you all.

Here Casual Luxury is perfectly on display in this shot. I’m ready to head off on the Vespa in jeans as Violet hops up for a goodbye—wearing her “diamonds in the ruff” of course.

My beloved homestead, Rosebrook Gardens, is resplendent in all her verdant glory. I adore this photo of her. Just like any great lady, she has a favorite side for photos and this is it.

In this photograph, I have all my six principles of design on display. The patio room brings the indoors, out! Forget the plastic lawn furniture. Toss the big umbrellas. Create a real outdoor room with cozy pillows and occasional tables—far away from the grill and pool.

If you have ever wondered what dining Al Fresco means it’s not having a nosh with a guy named Al. This photo shows off my outdoor dining table with a lush centerpiece that stays put all summer long.

This shot offers a great image of my succulent container garden. It is so effortlessly beautiful and easy to maintain. If you haven’t had a chance to become a MARvelous container gardener yet, you still have time.

I hope you agree that the photos are great—thanks to the pro who shot them! Keep an eye out for the magazine, available now, for a “look” at the whole article.

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