“Schnauzer-ific”: Loving thy pets

My little miniature schnauzer Violet has been exposed to many wonderful experiences here on Life on Mar’s, and no matter who comes to visit she somehow takes the spotlight and becomes the star. “Move over daddy, Violet is now in charge of the social gathering.”  From the most over the top parties—such as Sunday’s Gatsby Garden-themed book pre-launch party—to the more private, intimate garden tuours—such as the group from STAR, Inc.—I feel that Rosebrook Gardens is for everyone to learn, have fun and pass it on, so when I can share my home, garden and life with those who visit, well the Schnauzer becomes the added bonus.

Her full name? Violet Annabelle Rose Von Schhnorkenheimer. Known to many as “barkenheimer”, “little girl” or “Miss V.” It’s obvious to all of you who visit me here on-line that I love my dog, so when my friends Debbie & Beau lost their 18 year-old apricot poodle Abbey to old age, Violet and I took a moment to remember this incredible, loving pet and her memorable visits to our home.

Violet sent over a pet bereavement card of course and I held Violet a little closer that day. Even almost four years later I clearly remember losing my own Corky after 14 years, so I know just how devastating it is to bid farewell to a fur baby.  Our pets provide us with such unconditional love that when another pet owner says goodbye you can’t help but feel their pain, too. 

So this blog post is about all those pets, both large and small, that simply make our lives terrific to be in. I may call my life “schnauzer-ific” but I know lots of you understand it doesn’t matter what kind of pet it is: love is love.

So share your love and stories with me and Violet, as we can never get enough. 


PHOTO: Violet channeling the iconic Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby.  Jewelry is NOT from Tiffany's, but don't tell Violet. 


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