The Magic Of The Mix

This week I was finishing the initial copy edits on my new book (I say “initial” because anyone in publishing will tell you there are always rounds and rounds of edits, just to make sure that everything is “just so”!) I also sorted through the copy to make sure my vision of Casual Luxury is clear and well supported by the photos.

That said, I came across this photo—one that actually didn’t make it into the book due to space (we shot hundreds and hundreds, so not all could be used), but which serves as good tease. I wanted to share it with all of you because the vignette it captures illustrates how I apply my high-and-low approach to design in one little snapshot. A perfect example of the magic of the mix and how incorporating both high and low priced items can work seamlessly together.

A fabulous tray from HomeGoods, a silver trophy from a garage sale, a Buddha head from a high end retailer, candy from my local Stop & Shop, a ceramic water pitcher from Bed Bath & Beyond (from the “beyond” section, I guess, LOL), and a collection of blue hydrangea flowers from my garden. 

It also illustrates how my home, Rosebrook Gardens, provides me with endless resources and ideas. It’s what really inspired me to fill the book with fresh, attainable ideas for your home. Although I’m not giving away my six core design principles in this blog, if you’ve been watching my posts on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest you’ve definitely seen hints, and know how I love to share the beauty that unfolds in my life. LIFE ON MAR’S, Creating Casual Luxury (retailing at $19.95) won’t be out until September, but with record breaking pre-orders already on and I await like a proud parent the arrival of my second child.

So as we get ready to celebrate the 4th of July next week let’s not forget to celebrate the endless resources available to us. Casual Luxury has no boundaries, so look around and see what might set off your very own “creativity fireworks!”

Till next week my MARtians.  



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