The MARgical World Of Disney

Visiting Disney World as a child is one thing, but going as an adult is a whole new experience. There on assignment, I embraced my childhood and felt like a true Mousekteer so much that I received my very own monogrammed ears from a Cast Member. In one short, five-day week I visited every park, shot promotional footage, participated as a “special guest star,” celebrated a birthday, visited many “countries”, and had VIP views for the Epcot Fireworks, Magic Kingdom Park Fireworks and the Disney Main Street Electrical Parade.  And I must say the full moon this week was so picture-perfect that I was tempted to wonder if Walt himself created it.

One of the most cherished experiences of the week was viewing Epcot’s 20th annual International Flower & Garden Festival, presented by HGTV, which is on now and going until May 19th. As a gardener, and having recently appeared on HGTV, putting the two together in one place was an opportunity of a lifetime. I was euphoric over the gardens and all the care taken to create the magic for this short time period. The topiaries alone were incredible to see; boy, do I love topiaries, and these were out of this world. The new Monsters University topiaries were both large in scale and a breathtaking and innovative form of application.

I got a chance to learn how the gardens are constructed—planned and nurtured far in advance and then installed overnight!—and gained insight into the heritage of Disney’s Horticultural vision at Disney World Parks and how they have continued to evolve to become the award-winning vistas they are today. This is my drug of choice. (Well, this and shoes!)

No matter where I looked, throughout Epcot there was a feast for the senses. It inspired me to bring back more than just some mouse ears; I’ve come back with new ideas, too.

It’s a wonderful world at Disney, alright. Some folks go there to work, some to play; I was fortunate to do both. As a result, I think the Disney magic now has a little MARgic in it, too! 


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