Top 10 Qualities of Successful Parent-Teen Relationships

Mom & Sons Portrait 1Have you ever wondered why some family relationships are strong, close, and successful while others struggle? No matter what type of relationship you are in, all relationships require focused attention and deep caring. The following list will aid you in remembering to nurture and strengthen your relationships by inviting your mind to meet your heart.

1. Heart
When you are a parent with heart, you’ll demonstrate affection, kindness, compassion, and daily expressions of love in both words and deeds.

2. Empathy
When you are willing to temporarily “live” in the world of another to identify feelings, thoughts, and beliefs, your personal bond strengthens.

3. Adaptability
When you choose to be flexible with your expectations during new or challenging circumstances, you will weather the storm with your relationships intact.

4. Respect
When you treat teens (and all family members) with high regard simply because they have inherent value as human beings, you enhance self-esteem.

5. Trust
When you are trustworthy--predictably dependable--and you create a safe environment, your teens will be more confident, ethical, and better adjusted.

6. Appreciation
When you look for the positive, praise, and express gratitude, you will be fulfilling one of your teen’s most basic human needs.

7. Commitment
When you are dedicated to the well-being of your relationships, you will be loyal and motivated to devote quality time to each family member, resulting in enjoying a firm family foundation.

8. Conflict Resolution
When you view disagreements, stress, or crisis as opportunities for learning about each other, you will promote growth for all involved.

9. Enhanced communication
When you use the 7-step parent coaching approach, you will naturally create enhanced communication where each person freely expresses their feelings and thoughts, is fully heard, and given the utmost consideration.

10. Support
When there is a clear understanding of responsibilities and teens have a voice in decision making and consequences, you will be successfully supporting your teen’s passage from child to adult.

Together these initial letters spell HeartAcces(s). Keep this acronym in mind as you learn and practice the 7-step approach to Coaching Your Teen to Success.


Barbara McRae, MCC, is the author of the bestselling Coach Your Teen to Success and Less Drama, More Fun, the owner of EnhancedLife Coaching, LLC® and founder of Teen Frontier International. She is a nationally known Master Certified Coach and a recognized expert in professional coaching as profiled in BusinessWeek magazine, USA Today, and The New York Times. To learn more about Barbara's work, please go to

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