Parents Don’t Agree on Discipline

parents and baby facesOne of the most common concerns among parents is the ongoing struggle between two parents on how to discipline their kids. One parent is strict and the other is too lenient or perhaps one parent allows behavior that the other parent finds completely uuacceptable. This can cause tension and downright anger and resentment between parents and can really take a toll on the kids as they then learn to play one parent off the other.

Fatherhood expert Armin Brott, author of The Expectant Father says it is crucial that parents get on the same page. He offers these suggestions to help ease the battles.

1. Agree on a signal that one or both of you recognize the conversation is getting heated and needs to be halted.

2. Make a commitment to honor the signal.

3. Create clear guidelines or a 'rulebook' on what behaviors will be tolerated and what ones will not be allowed.

4. Consider taking a few parenting classes together. When you learn how to approach situations from a fresh perspective that you discover together you are both going to be more likely to respect the concepts and follow through with them.

5. Be open and willing to seek out a thrid party for professional directions and support.

6. Remember your successes. You and your spouse have no doubt negotiated and compromised many times in the past. Everyone, especially the kids, will win if you can work toward that goal as the number one priority.


Armin Brott is a Best-Selling author of several books including The Expectant Father. For more information visit

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