3 Easy Ways To Get More Clients Using Email

3 Easy Ways To Get More Clients Using EmailBy Sally Miller

The money is in the list.

It seems I hear this phrase everywhere. For good reason – it’s true.

Email has consistently delivered the highest or second highest return on investment. This makes it more effective in generating sales than direct marketing, content marketing and social media. (Source: Econsultancy)

That’s a convincing statistic. So why does email work? Here’re some of the reasons why email gets you more clients:

  • High Reach: Unlike social media, you can reach most, if not all, of your email list. With Facebook or Twitter, your post appears for a short time and then drops out of sight. An email sits in the in-box until the recipient is ready to read it.
  • Personal: You’re sending a message direct to someone’s in-box. This can trigger a meaningful 1:1 conversation. Building genuine relationships is a sure fire way to win more clients.
  • Affordable and Easy To Use: Everyone has an email account. For your business, you can start with something simple like a gmail account. When you’re ready, you can use an email service provider (like Constant Contact or AWeber) to manage your subscriber list. Some providers even offer a free service up to a few thousand subscribers.
  • Full Control: You own your email list and have full control over the messages you send. In contrast, with social media and advertising channels, you’re at the mercy of policy changes. When Facebook recently made changes to its algorithm, many businesses saw a big drop in the number of fans reached.

So how can you attract more clients using email?

There are many time-consuming ways to attract more clients using email. The most popular is writing guest posts on popular blogs. This gets you in front of a new audience of potential subscribers (and clients).

However, guest posting takes time. For this article, I’m sharing three quick and easy methods to grow your email list.

#1 Give Great Content

Before you even think about selling, it’s essential to give value. You can start by offering new subscribers a short term incentive. Such as a free ebook, discount code, etc. But don’t stop there. After someone joins your email list, continue to give them your best stuff.

One of my favorite sites, Copyblogger, does this well. When you sign up for their email list you get instant access to a selection of resources. They follow this up with a series of emails pointing to new resources. All of these offer incredible value to new and experienced bloggers.

Think how you can build trust over a period of time. This makes it easier to turn a lead into a client further down the line.

#2 Ask Questions

There’s one thing a lot of people forget. Email is a two-way channel.

One way to make this happen is to ask questions in your emails. It’s best to keep your questions simple. By keeping it natural, you’re more likely to strike up a conversation with someone. Some questions you can ask are:

  • Did you get your free sample/ ebook/ discount code? (If you offer a sign-up incentive).
  • What are you struggling with right now? (If you’re a coach or consultant).
  • What would you like me to write about in future emails/ articles?

By asking questions you grow closer to your email audience. You gain a deep understanding of their interests and challenges. It also gets your subscribers used to taking action. So when you’re ready to sell something, they’re more like to buy from you.

#3 Put A Call-To-Action In Your Email Signature

This is one of my favorite strategies. I like it because it’s so simple.

I’m sure you’ve heard about using your email signature before. But the key here is to put a strong call-to-action in your signature.  Here’s mine:

“Learn how to grow your list and convince subscribers to open your emails and take action.”

When someone clicks on my signature it directs them to a landing page with an email opt-in form.

An email signature is quick to set up and starts working for you right away. If you don’t have a compelling call-to-action in your signature, I urge you to create one now.

#4 Forum Signature (bonus tip!)

Finally, one bonus tip. If you participate in forums, you can use the same call-to-action in your forum signature. Some people will click your signature line. If they like what they see, they may then subscribe to your email list and eventually become a client.

Just make sure you check the forum rules first.

Final Thoughts

When used effectively, email marketing is a great way to win more clients. Best of all – it can be automated. Generating you a steady stream of sales.
Do you have an email list for your business? What email strategies have you used to get more clients?

Sally Miller is an expert in Email Marketing and specializes in helping solo business owners attract more clients through email. She has 20+ years’ experience in business and information technology. She owns two businesses and is a self-confessed “techy”. She loves learning how stuff works and sharing that knowledge with other business owners. You can learn more by visiting www.sallyannmiller.com where she shares tips to grow your email list and business.

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