4 Amazing Perks of an At-Home Travel Agent Career

Perks of an At Home Travel Agent CareerBy Kyla Ross

Quick question: Would you like an all-expense paid trip to a vacation destination as part of your job?

Unlike the average vacationer paying full price for the gorgeous ocean-view hotel room, travel agents reap lots of benefits that just come with the job. With the proper travel agent training, you may soon find yourself sipping a mojito on a Caribbean beach before checking out the hotel spa, or as you’ll call it – working.


Travel agents are often granted discounts from hotels, cruise lines, tour companies, etc. A $3000 Disney cruise might only cost you and a companion $500. So when you’re at dinner with the family complaining about how much they paid, best to keep your mouth shut about the unbelievable deal you got. You want to make it out of there alive, right?

FAM Trips:

Otherwise known as familiarization trips, these are designed specifically for those in travel careers. Hotels, cruise lines, tour companies, etc. will offer heavily discounted or even complimentary trips to travel agents so they can familiarize themselves with the product being sold. After all, you can’t sell something you don’t know about. These companies want to build relationships with travel agents in hopes that the agents will then promote and recommend their services to clients. Bottom line, they’ll woo you to the moon and back.

The More You Travel, The More You Succeed:

Imagine a job where the more you travel and jet-set around the world, the more you’ll succeed in your career. As a travel agent, a rich world travel experience makes you highly valuable to your company and your clients. Wanderlust is encouraged and necessary to be a reliable and trusted travel agent.

More Money From Uncle Sam:

Yet another way to save money! As a travel agent, you can deduct travel as a business expense, as long as the trip’s purpose was directly related to your job. If the reason behind that trip to Barcelona was to check out a new hotel, then yes, you can deduct that. And travel expenses aren’t the only thing. Advertising, client discounts, and office expenses are just a few more available deductions. Anyone else hear that cha-ching?

How to Become One:

Depending on where you live, travel companies and home-based franchises usually require certification or licensing to lend you more credibility as a travel agent. Typically, employers prefer training through online classes, community colleges, or industry associations. You’ll become an expert in building and planning itineraries, hotel accommodations, transportation and tours. Your expertise allows you to give your clients the most memorable, life-changing experiences as they travel the world. With a passion for adventure and a great sales pitch, you’re ready for a fun and rewarding career!

Kyla Ross is a career training and education blogger for Ashworth College, an accredited online institution offering an affordable travel agent training course.

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