4 Creative Ways to Show Your Employees Appreciation

4 Creative Ways to Show Your Employees AppreciationBy Deborah Sweeney

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner and Employee Appreciation Day (March 1st) trailing closely behind, there’s no better time than now to put the spotlight on your work team and show them just how much you appreciate their hard work and effort when it comes to your business.

Get creative when it comes to showing, as well as telling, them what a great job they’re doing with these tips!

Create an Appreciation Wall

Or a gigantic corkboard to hang up if you can’t spare a whole side of a wall for your team. Pass out five pieces of paper for each team member and have them write little tribute notes to various members of your staff, highlighting what they bring to the table and how they’ve been especially helpful to the writer of said note. The option to sign off with a name or operate anonymously is completely up to the team member – just be sure to post it on the wall so that everyone can stop by and read the notes as they gradually gather up throughout the course of the day!

Be Complimentary (And Often)

Don’t sit on a compliment if you have one or think the only time it’s appropriate to praise your team is during the holiday season. Hard work seldom goes unnoticed and acknowledgement of this is often the biggest motivator of all. If you see someone going the extra mile whether that means staying late to wrap up a project or taking the initiative to reach out to a partner on their own, thank that team member. And the method that you choose to say thank you is endless unto itself as well – write a quick note, send an email, or simply drop by their desk and say it with a smile.

Lotto Tickets!

Nothing gets a pulse racing quite like the possibility of being the next billion dollar Powerball jackpot winner! While statistically speaking the odds are typically against truly winning in the lotto, don’t let that scare you from getting the team a ton of dollar Scratch-Offs to play together with. It may turn out that the odds could be ever in the favor of one of your employees and if you never play, you never know!

Keep a Flexible Schedule

Your staff has a life outside of the office and many of those lives may include significant others, children, pets, and extracurricular activities. Work on creating flexible schedules with your team members who have additional outside concerns that they need to address or for any emergencies that come up at the last minute. This schedule will help make the work-life balance a little more balanced and also strengthen the relationship between your team members and yourself and create a more productive, and happy, workplace!

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